The Mysterious One

La Misterieuse (The Mysterious One)
La Muse Victorieuse (The Victorious Muse) F. Couperin (1668–1733)

Chorale Prelude on "The Church's One Foundation"

Psalm 116 W. Zeitler

Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810–1876) was an English organist and composer who wrote the hymn tune 'Aurelia' (to which we sing "The Church's One Foundation").

Born in London, he was the eldest child in the composer Samuel Wesley's second family, which he formed with Sarah Suter after separating from his wife Charlotte. Samuel Sebastian was the grandson of Charles Wesley, and a lifelong adherent of the Church of England (something that would likely have displeased grandpa Charles!) His middle name 'Sebastian' came from his father's lifelong admiration for the music of Bach.

After singing in the choir of the Chapel Royal as a boy, Samuel Sebastian embarked on a career as a musician, and was appointed organist at Hereford Cathedral in 1832. He moved to Exeter Cathedral three years later, and subsequently held appointments at Leeds Parish Church (from 1842), Winchester Cathedral (from 1849) and Gloucester Cathedral (1865-1876). He died at his home in Gloucester in 1876 aged 65, and was buried next to his daughter in St. Bartholomew's Cemetery in Exeter.