Why Preludes?

Sonata Op. 13 Mv.2 L. van Beethoven (1770-1827) I thought I might take a moment to share some thoughts about music in worship. Plato (c.424-348 B.C.E.) said that there were three Primary Virtues: Truth, Goodness and Beauty, and all other virtues derive from these. Many philosophers and theologians since Plato have found this idea useful….

A World With No Tears

"A World With No Tears" William Zeitler The Bible begins in Genesis with the Garden of Eden containing the Tree of Life, and ends in Revelation with another Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem, where God will 'wipe away every tear'. In between is the cataclysmic drama of the Fall, and all that it…

Young Beethoven

Sonata Op.14 No.2 Mv.2 L. van Beethoven (1770-1827) In 1790 there were two 'musical capitals' in Europe — London and Vienna, and a young Beethoven had taken Vienna by storm as a concert pianist and composer. Concert bookings and commissions for new compositions were piling up, and life was very good for a 19-year-old Beethoven….

Eremite’s Desire

The Eremite's Desire     William Zeitler An ‘eremite’ is a religious recluse — from the Greek words eremia (‘desert’) & eremos (‘solitary’). In a broader sense, it is not necessary for an eremite to physically leave society—an ‘eremite’ is someone who goes against the grain of society to follow their own spiritual star, such…