A Leaf in the Wind

"A Leaf in the Wind" W. Zeitler

"If Thou But Suffer God To Guide Thee"


At least in 'classic' Presbyterianism, a distinguishing doctrine is that our eternal fate is 'predestined' since before the Beginning. Now I'm no theologian or church historian, and I'm certainly not going to go into the pros and cons of that view. But I've often wondered that we probably have a lot less 'free will' than we like to think we do. That is, if I subtract the genetic aspect of who I am (over which I had no choice), and how so much of me was set by my parents and the culture in which I was brought up (which I didn't get to choose either), then how much of my 'choice' now is really independent of all of that?

Questions like this make my head hurt, so I wrote a piece about "A Leaf in the Wind" instead.