Two weeks ago I shared about my abusive stepfather and my youngest brother Eric’s resulting suicide, and how as a 16-year-old boy I chose ‘playing Bach’ over the then available anti-depressents. (Over four decades ago.)

I hadn’t planned on saying anything more, but since that Music Box I have received feedback from gentle readers that makes an important clarification mandatory:

My 13-year-old youngest brother Eric (who commited suicide) suffered from an I.Q. so high the school district had him retake the test under the watchful eyes of a proctor. Simultaneously, in hindsight I can see how he also suffered from significant Autism – in a day when Austism wasn’t even listed (!) in the DSM (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders – THE authoritative encyclopedia of psychiatric disorders, regularly cited in Courts of Law). To this day my other brother Steve (a year younger than I) still takes medications for his severe Aspergers’s Syndrome (also in the Autism family), and he is unquestionably the better for it.

In short, if you are suffering from depression, and absolutely if you have any suicidal thoughts, PLEASE seek the help of trained professionals. When you have a broken arm (and those ache!), there’s no shame in having a doctor x-ray it and put your arm in a cast so it can heal properly. A broken heart is no different. Pastor Sandy can also provide wise and completely confidential and non-judgmental guidance whatever your struggle.


A few weeks ago I played the first movement of Ravel’s Sonatine. The second movement is also lovely. And we’ll get the the third movement in due time! 🙂