Vivaldi and the Inquisition

Concerto in Am A.Vivaldi (1678-1741) [ORGAN]

Largo from Piccolo Concerto in C (RV 443)   A. Vivaldi [ANTHEM]
Susan Addington — Piccolo

“Oh Jesus, I Have Promised”


Known by his vocation and the color of his hair as “The Red Priest”, Vivaldi spent most of his career as music master at a girl’s orphanage in Venice, writing for his pupils some five hundred concertos. He also wrote more than forty operas. In 1741 he moved to Vienna hoping to make it big, but ended up dying shortly thereafter in great poverty instead.

Meanwhile, in a happier times back at the orphanage, Vivaldi was leading Mass one day when a theme for a fugue suddenly struck him. So he left the altar to the surprise of the congregation, hastened to the sacristy to write it down, and then returned to finish the service. For this misdemeanor he was brought before the Inquisition; but they decided this was simply an aberration of genius and did nothing more than prohibit him from saying Mass in the future.

P.S. After struggling with an inferior piccolo for too long, Susan just upgraded to a professional instrument. And what better way is there to get acquainted with a new instrument than to share it with US?