Psalm 14

  1. At the end. A Psalm. Pertaining to Dauid.
  2. The fool said in his heart, “There is no God.”
    They caused corruption and were loathsome in their pursuits;
    there is no one practicing kindness;
    there is not even one.
  3. The Lord bent down from heaven to see the sons of humanity
    to see if there be any with understanding
    or seeking God.
  4. All turned away, likewise they became worthless;
    there is no one doing kindness;
    there is not even one.
    [Their throat is an open grave,
    With their tongues they deceived,
    The poison of asps is under their lips,
    whose mouth is full of curses and bitterness;
    Their feet are swift to shed blood,
    Wounds and hardship is in their ways,
    And the way of peace they do not know;
    There is no fear of God before their eyes.]
  5. Will they never learn, all doing lawlessness?
    Those eating my people like eating bread
    did not call upon the Lord.
  6. There they dreaded with fear
    where there was no fear,
    because God is with a righteous generation.
  7. The plan of the poor you put to shame,
    because the Lord is his hope.
  8. Who shall give out of Sion the deliverance of Israel?
    When the Lord returns the captivity of his people,
    let Iakob rejoice and Israel be glad.