Psalm 22

  1. Until the end. Concerning help in the morning. A Psalm. Pertaining to Dauid.
  2. God, my God, attend to me; why did you forsake me?
    Far from my salvation are the words of my trespasses.
  3. O my God, I will cry by day, and you will not listen,
    and by night, and it is not madness to me.
  4. But you, reside in a holy place,
    [O] commendation of Israel.
  5. In you our fathers hoped;
    they hoped, and you rescued them.
  6. To you they cried and were saved;
    in you they hoped and were not put to shame.
  7. But as for me, I am a worm and not human,
    a disgrace to humanity and despised by people.
  8. All who saw me mocked me;
    they talked with the lips; they moved the head:
  9. “He hoped in the Lord; let him rescue him;
    let him save him, because he wanted him,”
  10. because it was you who drew me from the belly,
    my hope from my mother’s breasts.
  11. On you I was cast from the womb;
    from my mother’s belly you are my God.
  12. Do not withdraw from me,
    because affliction is near,
    because there is no one helping.
  13. Many calves encircled me;
    fat bulls surrounded me;
  14. they opened their mouth at me,
    like a lion ravening and roaring.
  15. Like water I was poured out,
    and all my bones were scattered;
    my heart became like wax
    melting in the midst of my belly;
  16. my strength was dried up like a potsherd,
    and my tongue is stuck to my throat,
    and to the dust of death you brought me down,
  17. because many dogs encircled me,
    a gathering of evildoers surrounded me.
    They gouged my hands and feet;
  18. I counted all my bones,
    but they took note and observed me;
  19. they divided my clothes among themselves,
    and for my clothing they cast lots.
  20. But you, O Lord, do not be putting my help far away!
    Attend to my support!
  21. Rescue my soul from the sword,
    and from a dog’s claw my only-begotten!
  22. Save me from a lion’s mouth,
    and my lowliness from the horns of unicorns!
  23. I will explain your name to my kindred;
    in the midst of an assembly I will sing a hymn to you:
  24. You fearing the Lord, praise him!
    Every seed of Iakob, glorify him;
    let all the seed of Israel fear him,
  25. because he did not despise or scorn
    the petition of the poor,
    nor did he turn away his face from me,
    and when I cried to him, he listened to me.
  26. From you comes my commendation in a great assembly;
    my vows I will pay before those fearing him.
  27. The needy will eat and be filled,
    and those seeking him will praise the Lord;
    their hearts will live forever and ever!
  28. All the ends of the earth will remember
    and turn to the Lord,
    and all the paternal families of the nations
    will do obeisance before him,
  29. because the kingdom is the Lord’s,
    and it is he who masters the nations.
  30. All the fat ones of the earth ate and did obeisance;
    all descending to the earth will fall down before him.
    And my soul lives for him,
  31. and my seed will serve him;
    the coming generation will be announced to the Lord,
  32. and they shall announce his righteousness
    to a people to be born, because the Lord acted.

(The Greek Septuagint (LXX) numbers this ‘Psalm 21’, the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT) numbers it ‘Psalm 22’,)