Psalm 17

  1. A Prayer. Pertaining to Dauid.
    Listen, O Lord, to my righteousness; attend to my petition;
    give ear to my prayer on lips not deceitful.
  2. From your countenance may my judgment come forth;
    let my eyes see acts of straightforwardness.
  3. You tried my heart in fire; you visited by night;
    you grilled me, and no injustice was found in me.
  4. That my mouth might not speak of the deeds of human beings,
    on account of the words from your lips, I kept to hard ways.
  5. Restore my steps in your paths,
    lest my steps be shaken.
  6. I cried out, because you heard me, O God;
    incline your ear to me, and listen to my words.
  7. Wondrously show your mercies,
    you saving those that hope in you
    from those that withstand your right hand.
  8. Guard me as the eye’s pupil;
    in the shelter of your wings you will shelter me
  9. from the countenance of the impious distressing me.
    My enemies beset my soul;
  10. their fat they shut up;
    their mouth spoke arrogance.
  11. Casting me out, they then encircled me;
    their eyes they set to incline at the ground.
  12. They seized me like a lion ready for prey
    and like a whelp living in hiding.
  13. Rise up, O Lord; anticipate them, and overthrow them;
    rescue my soul from the impious,
    your sword from the enemies of your hand.
  14. O Lord, from few things from earth
    separate them in their lives.
    And with your hidden things their belly was filled;
    they were fed with sons,
    and they left the remnants to their infants.
  15. But as for me, I shall appear to your countenance in righteousness;
    I shall be fed when your glory appears.